May 29, 2004

This looks a great siteWeblogs In and Around the Classroom: "Weblogs In and Around the Classroom"

May 06, 2004

Wed - at work
Thit - Operations Manager had a look through the media and FLL book with pics. Is very interested in 'emotional intelligence' and has asked to have anything in this area passed on - I was hoping to fit in learning more about this!
Met Kerry -business partner to our IT support person. Has several very interesting online courses. Took notes on his experiences with older adult learners responses to online learning compared with under 30s - very interesting - must type them up. He is also working in the PDA area for rmote access, must pass on his web site to FLLs researching this area.

May 04, 2004

Participated in Ucan2 Federal consultation re adult learners and issues around an aging population.
New term - 'Foresighting' used instead of 'predicting' We were asked to respond to thought provoking questions.

I had an opportunity to present the Australian Flexible Learning Framework initiatives as positive models for encouraging involvement in the learning process - gave them a leaflet - the seemed interested. Spoke about characteristics of Adult learners and implications for materials and in particular online materials. I also advocate for more research into older adult uptake of ICT.
Met a very interesting person from Newcastle Council, Theresa Postma. Got her card and will follow up as she has a network - lifelong learning, that probably includes some of our consortium partners.

Reflection on my input - I need to know the meanings of a few more buzzwords and acronyms - but don't use them!!! I need to develop some concise answers and explanations that I may be often required to provide.