November 20, 2004

Gift Market Day

A teacher starts to use a blog with her class. Will watch the results with interest. Next is a lesson in putting up pictures.

Gift Market Day

November 13, 2004

Classrooms or E-Learning, Instructors Remain Central

'The difference with e-learning will be that the control will rest with the learners, allowing them to engage when they are most motivated and most interested. '
This artical may add to the discussion our learnscope teachers are having about the effect of online delivery on the role of the teacher.
Classrooms or E-Learning, Instructors Remain Central

November 10, 2004

OTEN opens its doors for Networking 2004. A well attended full day of discussions, hands on computer sessions and presentations of new resources. Very impressed with the integration of Moodle and hotpotatoes. Posted by Hello

NSW AMES attending its first online conference!Today was a huge cultural shift - even though people may have in some instances been 'directed' to come and I would have preferred a shorter online session with the opportunity to then have discussion groups. To have so many staff participating, in some way, in an online event was far more than I had hoped for this year and a long way from last years Learnscope team who once managed to post on the Learnscope forum - but just said hello to each other. There was a couple of points today when the technology became transparent and people were responding to the content.I especially loved it when Curt asked for a show of hands and people all put there hands up! Posted by Hello

Here's the FLL cheer squad! Posted by Hello

Got to attend an interesting event by - Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) and Australian Flexible Learning Framework

E-learning at Work - Lessons from Leaders
Alan Morrison & Sandra Gray provided different perspectives on managing the change process in the implementation of e-learning. Posted by Hello

The Hunter Institute had a great NW2004 event on Friday 5th Nov. 80 - 100 people Very interesting presenters and varied showcase. Posted by Hello

Happy Hour on networkin2004

Finished my conference day with a hilarious time participating in the online chat - happy hour - didn't win the door prize but did learn to do an online mexican wave\0/0\0/0Will definitaly drop in next time and have allerted Stephen downes to the event too.