May 31, 2005

I am blogger, hear me roar - Next - Technology -

I am blogger, hear me roar - Next - Technology - "Tim Blair is now employed as a news editor at The Bulletin. He has been active in the Oz blogosphere since December 2001 and is well-known for his right-wing opinions and forensic research abilities. Mr Blair has operated three blogs of his own. The current one is; an earlier site at was abandoned in December 2004. In terms of influence, the Technorati link count of 1839 links puts him at the top of the table of Australian blogs.

John Quiggin
Tim Dunlop is an Australian academic and writer living in Washington, DC. His academic work dealt with the role of intellectuals and citizens in public debate and that led to his interest in blogging. He first published his blog, The Road to Surfdom, in May 2002 and quickly became Australia's most widely read left-leaning blog."


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